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Category: Wine Seminar
Event price: €450.00
Organizer: Deutsche Wein- und Sommelierschule
Date & Time: 26.11.2022 - 27.11.2022
Location: Koblenz, Deutschland
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Sensory analysis comprises a systematic step-by-step sequence for the holistic understanding of a wine, its individual ingredients and their complex sensory effects on each other. If you want to understand wine, if you want to trace the fascinating genesis of its creation in the finished wine with all your senses and if you don't want to go along with the opinions of others but want to have your own say, you can start out in the world of wine with this seminar, which is exemplary from a methodological-didactic point of view.


- Physiology of the senses
- Basics of tasting
- Discovering one's own taste sensitivity
- Sensory detection of wine constituents and aromas
- Sensory influence of viticultural and cellar measures
- Aromas in white and red wines
- Analytical wine description and wine evaluation
- Recognition of wine peculiarities

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