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Category: Wine Trip
Event price: €1,480.00
Date & Time: 20.11.2022 - 25.11.2022
Location: Champagne, Frankreich
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Take some Pinot Noir, some Pino Meunier and some Chardonnay, and - voilà! - the champagne is ready.

Of course, it's not quite that simple. The art of the composition of these three grape varieties and the work in the cellar make the difference.

Our CHAMPAGNER study trip through the Champagne region in northern France is on the trail of these secrets, as we visit numerous large and small wineries as well as the favourite winemakers of great statesmen and bon vivants.

We have made several intensive exploratory trips through the Champagne region to get to know interesting and convincing Champagne houses with a profile. Far away from the standardised sparkling wines, which are produced according to the classic method with a bottle fermentation according to scheme F, but are ultimately interchangeable due to a lack of regional typicity.

We have searched for and found champagne houses with astonishingly affordable, clean sparkling wines up to the irresistible chalky-salty-mineral Grand Cru Brut Nature. A delightful mix of renowned wineries and small, little to unknown champagne houses. A "tour d'horizon" through the Champagne region, so to speak, in which our aim was to illustrate as many typicities and facets of Champagne as possible. Come along - we promise you a "sparkling experience!"

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