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Category: Wine Seminar
Event price: €1,890.00
Organizer: Deutsche Wein- und Sommelierschule
Date & Time: 25.11.2024
Location: Essen, Deutschland
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Level 3 Award in Wines gives you a comprehensive overview of the global production of wine and its economic importance on the world markets. You will acquire in-depth expert knowledge and learn how to professionally assess wines in terms of quality and retail price. Special attention is paid to tasting techniques and the communication of perception and wine knowledge. After completing the WSET® Level 3 Award in Wines, you will not only be able to taste wines expertly and analytically, but also determine factors that influence style, quality and price.

Graduates will have the opportunity to participate in the WSET® Level 4 Diploma in Wines and Spirits study programme.


The vine and its environment
- Introduction: Systematic tasting (SAT)
- Common elements of winemaking and SAT
- White and sweet winemaking and SAT
- Red and rosé winemaking and SAT
- Legal regulations, quality and price
- Sommelier expertise, food pairing and wine service
- Still wines of the world 1 (France and SAT)
- Still wines of the world 2 (Germany-Austria-Hungary-Greece and SAT)
- Still wines of the world 3 (Italy-Spain-Portugal and SAT)
- Still Wines of the World 4 (North and South America and SAT)
- WSET® exam preparation
- Sparkling Wines of the World (Sparkling Wine Production - Sparkling Wine Styles and SAT)
- Sparkling Wines of the World (Sherry Port Sparkling Muscat Wines and SAT)
-Still Wines of the World 5 (South Africa-Australia-New Zealand and SAT)

WSET® Level 3 exam:
- Part 1: Tasting (30 min.)
- Part 2: Theory (120 min.)

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