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Category: Wine Tasting
Event price: €10.00
Organizer: Weinladen-Spandau
Date & Time: 21.04.2024
12:00 to 17:00
Location: Metzer Str. 2, 13595 Berlin, Deutschland
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Wines from Germany and Europe presented by wine experts.

Dear wine lovers,

we are delighted to invite you to a special wine tasting where you will have the opportunity to taste and discover an exquisite selection of organic and de-alcoholised wines directly from the winemakers.

Date: 21 April
Time: 12-17 h
Location: 13595 Berlin Metzer Str. 2 Backyard

Our wine tasting will be led by experienced wine experts who share their passion for sustainable viticulture and innovative winemaking processes. They will give you a personal insight into their work and tell you the stories behind the wines presented.

What to expect:

A carefully curated selection of wines and organic wines that reflect the natural flavours and characteristics of the growing region.
Discover the fascinating world of dealcoholised wines and learn more about the process that allows the full flavour of the wine to be preserved while reducing the alcohol content.
Interactive tasting sessions where you can taste the wines under the guidance of the winemakers and discover their unique characteristics.
Food recommendations that perfectly match the wines presented for an all-round enjoyable experience.
We invite you to join us for this unforgettable evening to celebrate the diversity and quality of wines and de-alcoholised wines.

Participating winemakers and wine experts

Mrs Marianne Isele - Baden Winzergenossenschaft Bischoffingen
Mr Wilhelm Keicher - Württemberg Winzergenossenschaft Heilbronn
Mrs Ulrike Trump-Berndt - for organic wines and Europe

As a further highlight we offer you the unique WiesenObst creations by Jörg Geiger. You will be surprised

Please confirm your participation by 15 April by e-mail to info@weinladen-spandau.de
or by telephone on 030 332 43 50 or book online at https://www.weinladen-spandau.de/fruehjahrsprobe-20-und-21-april.html

We look forward to welcoming you to our wine tasting and experiencing unforgettable wine moments together.

With kind regards,

Ulrike Trump-Berndt Friedrich Berndt

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and Friedrich Berndt
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