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Category: Wine Seminar
Event price: €380.00
Organizer: Deutsche Wein- und Sommelierschule
Date & Time: 29.09.2024
Location: Koblenz, Deutschland
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Our training will not only deepen your understanding of wine and food, but also give you the tools and knowledge to create amazing pairings. Get ready for an exciting culinary journey and become a master of food pairing.

We understand that the right combination of food and wine or cheese and wine can be a real pleasure. With our pleasure discovery seminar, you will receive a practical introduction to the food pairing system, which enables you to efficiently create unforgettable flavour experiences without having to try out endless combinations.

Basic rules of food pairing: Reveal the secrets behind the perfect symbiosis of flavours and textures.
A little menu and wine knowledge: Learn how to choose the right wines for each dish.
Pairing wine and appetisers: Learn how to harmoniously match appetisers and wine.
Wine and fish pairing: Immerse yourself in the world of seafood and find out which wines pair best with it.
Pairing wine and meat: From tender beef to savoury game - we show you how to perfectly combine meat dishes with wine.
Pairing wine and desserts: Sweet temptations deserve the right wine, and we'll show you how to emphasise the sweet notes.
Pairing wine and cheese: Discover the harmonious combination of cheese and wine and try out some fascinating combinations.
Introduction to the sensory perception of food and wine: Deepen your understanding of sensory perception and ignite your senses.
Different wine styles in tasting: Explore a wide range of wine styles and expand your wine knowledge.

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