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Category: Online-Events
Organizer: vinocentral GmbH
Date & Time: 28.11.2023
20:00 to 21:30
iCal /Google Calendar:
The combination of wine and food is the culinary supreme discipline par excellence. When these two protagonists soar to unimagined heights in harmony with each other - or sometimes skilfully act against each other - flavour synergies of almost unearthly beauty can unfold. even if there is no shortage of well-intentioned tips and professional recommendations, the only guarantee for a real "match made in heaven" is personal experience and the right approach. Yook and Alexander want to train this in a practical and playful way at the vinocentral livestream 3 glasses on Tuesday, 28 November. The pair will be discussing, testing and debating the culinary compatibility of three wines from the Rhône, the Loire and Bordeaux.
If you would like to join them, order the accompanying wine package à table! and join in the tasting during the livestream or at a later date from home.

The wines are presented in the first part of the evening, followed by the pairing with small dishes in the second part. The latter can be put together as you wish: From potato crisps or savoury sticks, olives and pickled vegetables to different types of cheese, ham and sausage, terrines, oil sardines or whatever. Mustard, mayonnaise or dips can be interesting sparring partners.
If you have the time and inclination, you could also put a small vinaigrette or another marinade and a few leaves of lettuce on the table. If you still have leftover sauce or lasagne from the previous day in the fridge - bring it along. Anything goes, nothing has to.
The only important thing would be some white bread and water to neutralise the palate in between.

Along the way, important questions such as: What actually makes an exciting food-wine pairing? Which wines and dishes are better or worse suited per se? Which rules of thumb lead in the right direction and which much-vaunted combinations are really just clichés? Why is the wine accompaniment often anything but intoxicating, even in top gastronomy? And finally, the question of all questions: What is the only true way to the perfect pas de deux of wine and food?

Participation in the livestream is free of charge and possible without registration, the wine package can be ordered for a fee at vinocentral:

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