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Category: Wine Seminar
Event price: €265.00
Organizer: Weinkonzepte Ina Finn
Date & Time: 24.02.2024
10:30 to 17:00
Location: Hamburg, Deutschland
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In our one-day seminar "Wine Sensory Science", we take an in-depth look at the world of our senses. This is the key to being able to judge wines accurately and experience even more pleasure when enjoying wine.

The day seminar is dedicated in detail to the world of our senses. These should be alert and fresh, which is why we hold this seminar during the day.

The aim of this seminar is not only to be able to systematically describe and evaluate a wine. It is to provide you with a general knowledge of our sensory system. What was it used for in the past, what is it used for today? How are our senses addressed in everyday life, possibly even manipulated, how do we overstrain our senses, how can we give them a rest?
In the practical part of our "sensitisation training", you can put your senses to the test. We will prepare various taste and smell tests for you. But it's not just your nose and palate that will be addressed, let us surprise you.
The wine will not be neglected. With systematic tasting instructions, we will provide you with the necessary knowledge and vocabulary to make the right choice when buying wine or ordering wine in a restaurant. You will also be able to assess quality and learn about possible wine faults.
You will also learn how to recognise whether a wine can be stored or whether it benefits more from its youthful, fresh character. How the flavours change in a mature wine and how they can be described. Experience tasting wine under different conditions.
We will taste at least 12 wines together.
We will prepare a lunch for refreshment and a good basis for tasting the wines.

The seminar starts at 10:30 and ends at 17:00.

The participation fee includes the following:
- Wines, mineral water, tea, coffee, snacks during breaks, lunch
- Handout as pdf-file

- Certificate of participation

If you are interested in further wine know-how, we also recommend our one-day seminars "Guide to the World of Wine" and "Wine Connoisseur".

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